Our Product Selection


Egermann Ruby Glass

A process developed in the first half of the 1800's that stained a thin outer layer of glass red then hand engraved.  This particular vase is made of uranium glass, also called vasaline glass.  A small amount of uranium dioxide is added to the molten pot of glass giving it a yelow/green color and it flouresces with UV or blue LED light


Czech Garnet Jewelry

Also known as Bohemian Garnet, its official name is Pyrope.  A particular type of garnet that is mined in the Czech Republic and is known for its deep red color, 


Cameo overlay glass

We only have a few pieces of this type of glass.  Mouth blown lead crystal with a layer of blue crystal on top.  Traditional hand cutting is used for part of the decor then a stencil mask and sand blaster is used to sculpt the horses.This vase is 12 1/4" tall


Hand made glass Christmas ornaments

Bohemia/Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic has  been making glass Christmas ornaments for over 100 years.  We have over 100 different shapes and styles, some date back to when we first opened in 1975 when the minimum quantities that we had to order were much larger.


Hand Cut Crystal

Mouth blown and hand cut lead cyrstal, we have a fairly large selection of bowls, vases, candy boxes, platters, trays, wine glasses and even a few beer steins


Hand decorated egg shells

Traditional hand decorated egg shells, each produced in the home of the artist

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